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July 14, 2011

Let Google do it

Filed under: General Software Archiecture — ovaisakhter @ 10:59 am

One question I always ask from my tech savvy friends “What is the best way to search MSDN(Microsoft Developers Network) website” and most of the time I get the answer I am looking for i.e. “Search it with Google” and this is true I have almost never been able to find any thing on MSDN using search provided on MSDN. I usually do it on Google for it.

Let say I am looking for something related to Microsoft development tools and Facebook, I will go to Google, will start writing “MSDN” and then “Facebook” and it will give me an option search suggestion like “MSDN facebook sdk” and if you search the first link will be the correct link life does not gets any better. Try doing this on MSDN (or on Bing for that matter Smile).

I think that if you do not have a special need to implement a Full-text search then don’t  even bother, Google will be doing a much better job then you anyway. You may want to spend the time saved from search implementation in making your site more Search Engine Friendly.

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  1. Absolutely right.

    Comment by Imran — July 28, 2011 @ 12:03 pm | Reply

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